What You Need To Know About Personality Types In The Workforce

In today’s episode of The Art of Passive Income, Mark and Scott talk to Maneesh Sethi, creator of PAVLOK— a behavior training product that helps people break their bad habits and the results are quite shocking! He is also an author and has traveled and lived all over the world making it his life goal to show others that there is another way for people to experience the world. 

Maneesh talks to us about personality types and the effect that they have in the workplace. Having severe ADHD himself, he has studied the subject immensely and shares with us what he has learned and how it led to the idea of Pavlok. 

Maneesh delves deep:

  • Is ADHD misdiagnosed—Is it a personality type rather than a disorder?
  • Why it’s important to surround yourself with the right personality type in the workplace. 
  • How making bets helps him to get the work done.

Listen in now to see how a slap in the face led to the idea of Pavlok!  



Mark: Learn more about Maneesh Sethi by going to his website at Pavlok.com.

Scott: Check out Notebook.ai. It’s a new smart notebook online. It learns from your interactions and grows with your ideas and collaborates back with you.

Maneesh: Whenever you find yourself uncomfortable, feeling like you’re not doing something you’re good at, don’t feel broken but instead take a step back and think about your personality. A great book to help you learn more about your personality is The Art of SpeedReading People: How to Size People Up and Speak Their Language by Paul D. Tieger.

Isn’t it time to create passive income so you can work where you want, when you want and with whomever you want?

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