Want Results? Take the emotion out!

Have you ever taken a test without knowing for sure if you knew the material or not?

If so, you probably just went through the process, numb to what the results would be and you probably ended up doing well or at least better than you thought you would.

I have spent this weekend working with real estate investors who are trying to build their land investing businesses, and we started on Friday, and on the second day, 2 of the 6 students had made sales!

Why were these investors able to get sales two days in and others take what seems like forever?

I think the reason was that they didn't overthink the process.

They didn't overthink the words to use on the ads; they had nothing to lose, but they had everything to gain, in a sense, they took emotion out of the equation and just executed.

In this video, I share with you my thoughts on why they were successful and how you can implement what they did so that you can enjoy the success also.

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