Is your time horizon WRONG?

It’s very tempting to look at our goals and think, wow, I’m way behind and then as a result, start to give up.

But, who set the time horizon?

These are voluntary goals, and too often, we let them stop us from building the life we want.

In today’s video, we address self-imposed time horizons, and I give you advice on how to keep working for your goals no matter what.

In the comments below, let me know what you are struggling with and let’s keep your journey moving.

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  1. Jim
    Jim says:

    Amazing video quality!

    There is so much in this business that takes time to setup. I was in Flight School in March 2018 and I find I am still setting up some systems and processes for the very first time. Or, systems will sometimes require an overhaul or retooling. This business is, for more people, a slow and steady march. It helps to have a support network and resources to make the journey much easier.

    Keep the videos coming!

  2. Rey Reyes
    Rey Reyes says:

    Thanks for these videos, Scott! I’m just about a month in to your Flight School class with my wife Alisa and we are invested in the journey. These videos and your words of wisdom help push us along, especially when we go through the “dips”! Great reminder that falling and getting back up is all a part of the journey. How you handle the adversity is what defines you. Showing up in this business really works and is already paying us dividends in a short period of time. Really appreciate all your work.

  3. Dan
    Dan says:

    Valuable message Scott especially from you, one who is successful. Couple it with, “don’t compare yourself to others”. Yes, it’s a marathon. Actually, for me it seems more like the Pacific Crest or Appalachian trails. It seems at times insurmountable. Set your cadence at what you can maintain (comprehend and master) and keep moving one foot in front of the other. You’re kind of like eating an elephant. Thank you Scott.

  4. Travis Pegram
    Travis Pegram says:

    Scott, thanks for the video, it is much appreciated. It is funny how we do that on our goals and I agree totally just keep moving forward and enjoy the journey instead of thinking about a final destination. Thank you for your inspiration and support!

  5. Jacci Van Surksum
    Jacci Van Surksum says:

    Thank you, Scott! I really needed to hear this today. Sometimes it’s just a bit overwhelming, especially when you’re just starting out. I appreciate you and all that you do to teach and motivate those of us who are on this journey!


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