You’ve found me, but over here.

My name is Scott Todd, the author of How to Profit from Peer-to-Peer Lending – Earn 9% to 33% with Small Loans, in that book I document how I made 9% – 33%+ making small loans on the Peer-to-Peer lending sites.

Starting with very little, I was able to grow a little nest egg that allowed me to get involved in Tax Lien investing where I started earning 18% to 60%.  That parlayed into real estate investing and more specifically, Land Investing, where I began earning 300% to 2391% on land.  With those returns I was able to replace my income as an executive at a Fortune 300 company in 17 months and 3 days.

I’m love to help you on your journey and I’m here to answer questions you might have about Peer-to-Peer Investing, just use the comment section below and ask away.