Are you Suffering from Head Trash?

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Head Trash is the crap that floats around in your head, telling you that you can’t do something.  It’s the negative thoughts that seep into your brain stopping you dead in your tracks.  In this video I tell you exactly how to stop those thoughts and how to put an end to the head trash.

Here is the transcript for the video:

Hey, It’s Scott Todd from and man, I want to tell you, I’m out here enjoying the beautiful water of southwest Florida. Taking some family time and some time to rest and relax, and I wanted to tell you guys today about head trash. Because I know everybody experiences head trash, me included. And if you’re not familiar with what head trash is, well basically head trash is the negative thoughts that are seeping into your brain. It’s the thoughts that’s making you think that you can’t do something, or that you should stop taking the actions that will make a difference in your life to you and to your family.

When I first started out in real estate investing, man, everything in my head told me this was crazy. That it wasn’t for me. That it would never work for me and I shouldn’t do it. And the way that I found out, the way I overcame that head trash, is just to keep taking action to overcome what you’re thinking about.

So if your brain is telling you “That will never work for you.” or “This is impossible.” or “It’s not meant for me.”, just keep doing more of it and I think that what you’ll find is that that trash-talk, the “head trash”, goes away.

When I was also creating posting domination, man I got to a point where I thought to myself “Am I really able to provide value to the marketplace?” or “Can I really make this something that’s of value?”, and I started self-doubting myself and I slowed down. But then when I pushed through and did it anyway, it changes all of that head trash.

So if you’re experiencing head trash, negativity, negative thoughts, self-doubt, just keep taking action. I promise you it will make a big impact on your life if you keep going. Just tell it to “Shut up!”.

You can do it. And I’ll see you soon once you push through it.

Take care. Thanks for watching. Talk to you guys later. Bye bye.


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