Success Is A Series Of Good Decisions

Want to know the secret to happiness and fulfillment? It’s the ability to make good decisions that lead us to attain our goals. Our guest on The Art of Passive Income Podcast today is in the business of Decision Makeovers. Mike Whitaker— talks with Mark and Scott about making the right decisions that will help you become successful and happy.

Success is not money. Success is our own personal definition that’s a balance of all the things we feel are important—the things that we want to feel, experience, enjoy, and challenge ourselves with. It’s a balance of regard and essentially a feeling of your accomplishment in life.

Mike is a lifelong and successful entrepreneur and an expert on personal and professional decision-making, turnarounds, and strategic planning. He is a no-nonsense business coach as well as a speaker on topics that involve critical thinking about the future, offering unique perspectives and world-class solutions to help people achieve their goals by determining what their definition of success is, then breaking down the goals that will get them there.

Mike goes over the process of identifying the decisions you need to be facing by identifying your five prime goals and then picking your number one most important goal from those five…that goal will make you advance. All the decisions you make need to support that goal until it is reached. Then pick another number one goal from the remaining and do it again, replenishing that list as often as needed.

The folks that actually own and take control over their decisions really do have more power about how their lives turn out.

A question he gets asked often is, “How do successful people make good decisions?” Mike explains that there are three things they do, and that is:

  • Keep their goals in mind
  • “Fail fast”
  • or they “Fix fast”

Listen in as Mike explains what his terms Fail Fast and Fix Fast mean, plus we talk about his book, The Decision Makeover: An Intentional Approach to Living the Life You Want—It’s about getting you to understand the power of decisions, the size of decisions, the decision zones in your life and then how to avoid making bad decisions.

Are you ready to learn how to achieve success and happiness? It’s your decision…


Mark: Learn more about Mike by going to his website at

Scott:  Check out the Chrome plugin called Gmail Screenshot. Take a screenshot, annotate it, and send it directly from Gmail

Mike: You’ve got a decision that you’ve been dancing around that you’ve not wanted to address. The fact that you haven’t dealt with it, it’s baggage. Once you take care of it, it’s going to feel really good. So, the decision makeover starts here with you identifying what your options are to fail fast or fix fast. Do that and then move forward confidently; know that you made the second best decision you could make.

Isn’t it time to create passive income so you can work where you want, when you want and with whomever you want?

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