Are you Struggling with Sales?

Are you struggling to sell your land and not sure why? Are you generating leads from your ads but not converting? Are you not closing enough deals?

Here’s one thing that might be going on and it’s probably an easier fix than what you think.

I propose that you have not connected with your prospects on why this property solves their problem.

Yep, we all have the same pattern, we only buy something when that item solves a real or perceived pain point. Said another way, we don’t just buy things because we want it, we buy things because we see them as a solution to a problem.

Let’s look at these 2 Cases, First, you might now that I own a quadcopter, aka, a drone.

I love this thing, I have taken it out to my land and taken pictures, recorded videos for my website, used it to cruise the neighborhood, I have taken videos from my boat, it’s a great little device, but there is one thing that I hate about it, it’s not very portable.

In fact, last summer I spent a week in California and actually bought a bag for the transporting of my drone, so I could travel with it and take it out on adventures.

When I wanted to use it, I had to carry this medium size bag with me and then put the propellers on the aircraft, this whole process made it very difficult to take it where I wanted to such as on a hike to the Hollywood sign. Now while this bag is not huge and it does have rollers, it would be impractical for me to hike to the top of the Hollywood sign along dirt trails carrying this bag, I’d look like an idiot, so the drone stayed at the hotel.

Imagine my surprise when I was at a wedding this past weekend and the photographer pulls the little device, not much bigger than my iPhone 7 plus, from a small bag, unfolded four arms and then sends this drone in the air to capture photos and video of the poolside cocktail party, I was floored. Instantly I saw this as a solution to my small, first world problem of portability and quickly set out on the solution to my problem.

I had to have this thing, why? Because I could see a potential solution to a pain point.

Second Case, my wife for some time has been looking at replacing three of the light fixtures in our house. She has looked and looked, and I couldn’t take the looking any more, we bought the new light fixtures, not because the old ones didn’t work, but because we didn’t like the one’s the builder put into the house.

What was my pain point? My wife? No, the fact that the builder product didn’t match the other things in our house. Again, another first world problem, but none the less, one we wanted to be solved.

Let’s be clear, as humans, we don’t buy things to buy them, we buy things that solve the problems we believe we have. Real problems or perceived problems, we buy things that solve these problems.

So, why would someone buy land? Is it to live on? Is it to camp on? As an investment for the future? There are countless reasons, some real and some perceived, but it’s your job as a land investor to understand WHY they want to buy and to connect with them.

When you find out what problems your prospects are facing and you present your property as the solution to that problem, your sales will soar!

Now it’s your turn, pick one of the problems from above (to live on, to camp on, As an investment for the future) and in the comments, write how your land can help them achieve their goal. Don’t like those 3, pick another one, I can’t want to see what you say.

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  1. Nathan Rea
    Nathan Rea says:

    Great article I will be trying to connect more with my prospective clients this is another of those easy things to do but you just don’t think about till some one pointsnit out.
    On a second. It’s if you didn’t get a chance to find out about the little portable drone. It’s probably the DJI Mavic Pro. Great little drone for flying and easy to carry.

  2. Aaron
    Aaron says:

    Mr. prospect, if I understand you correctly, you would like a secure investment you can pass on to your child one day. Is that correct? Suppose there is a man named Jim and in 2008 Jim had a large stock portfolio and he though he had a great strategy for investing, he was diversified and watched the trends. Then the market took a down turn and now his investments weren’t doing so well. Jim decided what he needed is gold because gold is a physical asset it was more stable and he was right. That was untill he was robbed not 6 months after buying his gold. The theif took the safe Jim had all his gold and extra cash in. At this point Jim decided to get the only asset that isn’t vulnerable to theft and stock losses. He bought land. So Mr prospect, you told me earlier that you wanted to invest for your child’s future. Wouldn’t you agree that this 5 acres is exactly that investment? Would you like to pay cash or use our easy owner financing?


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