Small Victories

Today’s small wins lead to tomorrows huge victories, but you need to have some way to capture them, in this video I talk about what I did and I hope you will do the same thing to help you keep stacking the wins.


Hey, it’s Scott Todd and in today's video, I wanted to get you to do something. I hope that I can convince you to make something a part of your daily habit. And that is I want you to try to capture on a daily basis three to five victories that you had that day for your freedom. What are you doing to get out of the rat race? Like record these three to five victories that you have each day. And I think that when you go and you look back at them a year later or six months later, I think you really going to be surprised to see just how far you've come.

When I had my corporate job, one of the things I would do is every day I would try to end the day and I would record these three to five victories that I had. And these victories are not huge things like looking back at them, they're really quite ridiculous. Like, I got an accepted offer one day. That was a victory because I wasn't getting accepted offers in every day. Or I completed due diligence on a property that was huge because it wasn't happening every day - it was trying to build the momentum. Or I opened up a bank account for my business today. Or I got a post office box. Or I added someone to my mailing list is all of these things that you look back today and you're like, well that's what we would normally do. It's not a big victory. And when you look back in time you see like those are small little steps that you had and then all of a sudden you start running. And it reminds me of like anything that you've ever learned how to do, you didn't just take off running when you learned how to walk. You slowly, slowly started stepping and walking and learn how to find your balance. And then eventually you started running around the house. Same thing when you learn how to drive a car. You didn't just get in a car and drive all over town. I mean, just think about like I remember when I learned how to drive my car, man, my knuckles were like gripped to the steering wheel and you probably remember that too. Or riding your bike, you know, how many times did you fall over before you when went around the block.

So, all of these things that our entire lives, we have all of these small little victories and oftentimes when we're trying to start our business or trying to change our position or trying to grow, what we do is we don't capture those small wins. And then it's hard to keep the momentum going. So, I think that when you're, when you're capturing these wins and you're celebrating the victories, even if they're small, you're celebrating the wins and you're celebrating all wins. And whenever you have victory, whenever you're having some success, even small success, it's so much easier to keep going because the reason you stop or the reason people stop doing things is it just seems like a monumental task ahead of them. And I used to do this like, oh man, for me to replace my income, I'm going to have to have so many of these notes that I don't know how I'm going to get out the money. And you start to talk yourself out of it as opposed to, hey, wow, maybe I can grow the number of notes by getting a greater monthly payment or all of these things that you can't even fathom a will happen in your business, they begin to happen. But it all starts with your momentum. And the way that I always kept momentum, especially in the beginning, was to kind of keep that success journal - hey, these are the three to five things that really impacted my business today or impacted my life today, whatever they are.

So, I hope that you take that advice. I hope that you start incorporating these successes and recording the successes in your life. I think it will make a world of difference to you. And I know that when you look back six months or a year later, you'll be like, that's ridiculous why did I even write that down? But I promise you, it will help make your journey even much more incredible. Look, I appreciate your watching. Scroll down, wherever you're watching this, leave a comment, let me know what you think and, just keep at it and I'll see you guys next week. Take care. Bye-bye.

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