Roadmap To A Fulfilled Life—How To Create The Best Life Possible

In today’s episode of The Art of Passive Income, Mark and Scott talk with Tim Rhode of—a non-profit organization that helps empower people of all ages to Dream, Plan, and Live their best life possible.

At age 25, Tim worked 16 hours a day as a grocery clerk and painting addresses on curbs to buy diapers for his two small children. Then, he found his niche in real estate, averaging 18 homes a month for the next 18 years.

Skip ahead to age 40, he’s made millions through real estate and is financially free so now he asks himself, “what’s next?

Tim explains that he was able to create his own magnificent future so he decided to make it his mission to take as many with him as possible.

Join us as we dig deep into what it takes to live life fully, starting with a roadmap to get to your core by asking yourself these questions: “who am I? What’s my dream? What’s my plan? Where I’m I going with all this and who do I want to share it with?

Tim on success—Tim prefers the word fulfillment, success with depth. He believes that success is too shallow and there are many components in the balance wheel other than career, money, and finances that you need to work on to have a fulfilled life.

Success may not always be as it appears. Financially, you may be successful… you have the big house, a cushy bank account, high-end cars but it’s all very superficial. When “success” costs you in other areas of your life, you’re not living a fulfilled life.

Tim’s advice to teens and young adults—question everything and know your financial ABCs.

  • A-what’s coming in from all income sources
  • B-what it costs a month to live on
  • C-what’s left to invest and how I’m I going to invest wisely

Listen in as Tim shares a lot of great advice, inspiration, and motivation. Plus, find out what horizontal and vertical income is, and why you should be investing in horizontal income.


Mark: Learn more about how to live a fully fulfilled life at

Scott:  Check out the Chrome extension Go to Tab. It puts a little thing on the icon bar up on the side of your screen and all your open tabs just drop down in a nice orderly way that you can find them. And if you have so many open that you can’t decipher which one it is, you can type in the URL and it will take you to that one.

Tim:  Please read the book, The E-Myth. You can also read, The Richest Man in Babylon. And lastly, play the game CASHFLOW by Robert Kiyosaki. It’s about getting out of the rat race and becoming financially free. The object of the game is that your passive income is more than your expenses.

Isn’t it time to create passive income so you can work where you want, when you want and with whomever you want?

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