Reverse Engineer your goals and make them HAPPEN

“Plan your work and work your plan,” my old boss used to tell me that all the time, so one day, I took his advise and change my life.

I remember that day well, I grabbed a whiteboard, and on the top, I wrote what I thought was a huge goal, one that would change my life in a big way.

I then spread that goal over three years and then worked backward to determine what actions I needed to take every day.

Check out this video to see why I think you should do this as well.

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  1. Jim
    Jim says:

    Having a clear why is so helpful. I’ve found this business is constantly about hitting walls and then figuring out how to get around them. Being creative and asking for help from the community are two things that have worked for me. I’m a much better marketer, salesman, accountant and investor than I was a year ago. The community has been so helpful.

  2. James Meerschaert
    James Meerschaert says:

    My big goal is a time and location free lifestyle. I love to work, but the ability to do it out of this snow in Minnesota and at a location of my choosing at times is what I need. I am not really a materialistic person, but lifestyle and maybe a Tesla model X to enjoy it!


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