Perks Of A Sustainable Business—When You Can Step Away And Not Be Missed

In today’s episode of The Art of Passive Income—Round Table edition, Mark is joined by:

  • Rachael Mueller
  • Erik Peterson
  • Tate Litchfield
  • Scott Todd


With Scott just returning from an 8 day vacation in Hawaii, the group goes over the psyche behind having a business that allows you to have the freedom to do the things in life that you want to be doing without worry.

We explore:

  • The mental aspects of taking a vacation—Can you totally disconnect, relax and enjoy yourself, or is business always lurking in the shadows?
  • The freedom this business offers on a daily basis—Do you have “should” syndrome…I should be doing this, or I should be doing that? Or maybe guilt because you’re not working 60 hours a week like your friends and family?
  • Bottlenecks—How often should you refine your systems?

We also get into a case of what would you do—A buyer completely vanishes after 7 months of payments but you got all your money back in the first few months, plus turned around and resold it at a higher price. Now skip ahead 2 years, your vanishing buyer reappears and wants to buy more property from you… what do you do? 

Listen in now for details!


Mark: Check out It’s a tool that automatically scours Facebook for keywords.

Scott: Check out It’s a portable wifi hotspot that you can use outside the country.

Tate: “Taking complete ownership of your outcomes by holding no one but yourself responsible for them is the most powerful thing you can do to drive your success.

Erik: Check out the iPhone app Tetra—Automatic Call Notes. It converts your phone calls into a transcript.

Rachael: Check out the School of Greatness Podcast by Lewis Howes.

Isn’t it time to create passive income so you can work where you want, when you want and with whomever you want?

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