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Want Results? Take the emotion out!
Want Results? Take the emotion out!Have you ever taken a test without knowing for sure if you knew the material[...]
Your beliefs are a part of the formula
Your beliefs are part of the formulaHave you ever wondered why one person can succeed while you don't have the[...]
You can go farther!
You can go farther - I can prove it! Henry Ford said it, “Whether you think you can, or you[...]
Why do these roadblock exist?
Why do these roadblock exist?Have you ever tried to achieve a goal and it seemed like there were road blocks[...]
Be unstoppable, lessons from Sisyphus
Be unstoppable, lessons from Sisyphus Sisyphus was a Greek King and not a nice one.  He was punished for his[...]
Are you trying to do TOO Much?
Are you trying to do TOO Much?It's so easy to keep taking on projects to the point where you feel[...]
Are you feeling overwhelmed? Start with a different question
It happens to all of us, there are things we want and need to accomplish and it seems like we[...]
Ask Scott – A question about goals and daily task!
Last week, Conner ask about writing down your goals and daily task so in this video, I pulled out my[...]
I did it! #47 is complete!
For the last 14 years, I've been marking things off my list and this week, I was able to mark[...]
Silence your inner critic
Do you ever hear that voice in your head asking you, hey, what the heck are you doing?That inner critic[...]