What’s on your list?

In 1966 a newly married, an unemployed assistant football coach was struggling to make ends meet. He did not know what the future held for him and he was struggling to figure out how to feed his family.

He sat down and created a list of 107 things that he would like to accomplish in his life. Items on this list included having dinner at the White House, meeting a US president, winning national college football title, becoming the head football coach at Notre Dame.

The man who created this list, Lou Holtz, went on to become one of the greatest college football coaches ever. When he made his list in 1966 he didn’t have any idea how he would accomplish these items.  But every day he woke up with a burning desire to turn them into reality.

In 2005, I learned about Lou Holtz’s list and the power that lies in creating a life list, so I decided to write out 60 things that I would like to accomplish.

I have included my list below, with some commentary of things I have learned from that experience, I have also updated the list because some of the items have been accomplished and they were too low.

I Write my Goals Daily

Every day I write down my five big goals and often return back to this list to see what I have accomplished.  It’s amazing the power that motion every day has on your ability to achieve your goals.

Before I share my list – please see this important announcement!

My List

I will (go, see, own, achieve)…

  1. Hawaii
  2. Italy (Tuscany, Rome, Florence)
  3. Ireland (Visited Dublin 2x)
  4. Virgin Islands
  5. Australia
  6. Alaska
  7. France
  8. Germany
  9. See The Great Wall of China
  10. Take an Alaskan cruise
  11. Bora Bora
  12. Live in a foreign county for 30+ days
  13. Spend one week on a private yacht
  14. Buy a $500,000 home
  15. Buy $1 million home
  16. Have a swimming pool
  17. Own a luxury car (Lexus or Mercedes)
  18. Own a boat
  19. Own my own business that supports my family
  20. Become an executive in a fortune 1000 company (done fortune 300 – over rated)
  21. Meet a billionaire (Spent the day working with Roger Penske)
  22. Meet Lou Holtz (met him at Cracker Barrel in Orlando)
  23. Meet Jack Canfield
  24. Meet Jack Welch
  25. Meet Donald Trump
  26. Personally know a CEO of a Fortune 1000 company (I now know 3)
  27. Present a keynote speech to 500 people
  28. Make $200,000 a year 
  29. Live in a gated community
  30. Upgrade my wife’s engagement ring
  31. Write a book
  32. Fly on a private jet
  33. Fly first class
  34. Have a net worth of $1,000,000 (too low – should be $100,000,000 or a billion)
  35. Generate $30,000 per month in Passive (2016 – Original Goal was $3,000 – way too low)
  36. Invest in real estate (2016 – Achieve but vague goal)
  37. Purchase a company
  38. Raise $10 million of capital
  39. Own a private jet
  40. 100% debt free
  41. Weigh 178 (Lost 60 lbs)
  42. Win a Big Company Award / Trip (Won a trip to Italy, flew 1st class, got 3 off the list)
  43. Own a Mobile Home Park
  44. Own an Apartment Complex
  45. Own a beach Condo (2nd Home)
  46. Go to a World Series, Superbowl, etc (gone to the world series and Arena bowl game)
  47. Run a 5K
  48. Have $2,000,000 when I retire (2016 – way too low)
  49. Appear in a Magazine
  50. Learn about Photography (picture I took of Orlando was used in a feasibility study for the City)
  51. Develop a training program and sell 1000 copies
  52. Be a pirate in the Gasparilla parade (A Parade in Tampa)
  53. Meet a sitting US president
  54. Run a $20M company (Had P&L responsibility for $60m)
  55. Write a computer program and sell it
  56. Launch a technology that will change the course of an industry
  57. Attend an Executive Program at a Top College (attended 4 week Leadership Academy at Wharton)
  58. Establish a REIT
  59. Generate $50,000 from a weekend teaching session
  60. Create a course that generates $500,000
It looks like it’s time to add more items to the list!

Question: Have you written your list and if so, what’s one of the items you still have to achieve?

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