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One of the questions I’m asked frequently is, “How did you replace your income is 17 months and 3 days?”

The answer is simple, through Land Investing. More specifically, I found another Land Investor, The Land Geek, and did everything he taught.

Why land?

It’s simple, no toilets, no termites, no tenants and I have literally¬†bought land for as low as $100 and today my average investment is about $1,000 per property!

What do you think about The Land Geek?

Another question, I’m often asked is what did you think about The Land Geek Bootcamp or what do you think about The LandGeek? ¬†Please watch this video to see how I feel.

This video was recorded in April 2016, we went on to sell over $1,000,000 of land in 2016, yep you read correctly, we sold 198 properties.

In 2017, we sold 237 properties and through August 2018, our YTD sales have surpassed $1,000,000 and have sold 170 parcels so far.

I continue to produce a very nice passive income thanks to my land investing activities, I’m free of the corporate world and happier than ever.

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