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One of the questions newbie land investor’s ask is should I create a separate buying website and a separate selling website.

The thought of a seller going to your website, looking at what you are selling the land for and then looking at your offer and then confronting you as to why your offer price is so low is a little intimidating.

The reality is that most sellers don’t care what you are selling the land for, they want to get rid of this burden on their shoulders.

You’ve heard the saying, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure?

Well, that’s the case here. The reason sellers are even interested in talking to you is because they really don’t want or need the land and they would rather just sell it now for some cash.

To me having multiple websites is muda, which is a Japanese word meaning “futility; uselessness; wastefulness.”

It’s just not necessary!

Do you care how much Amazon makes on the items you buy from them? I bet you have never even thought about it, you’re just glad to get it in 2 days with your prime shipping!

Do you care about the profit that the car dealership makes on your trade-in? Nope, you’re happy to have that old piece of…Junk off your hands.

Sellers of land feel the same way, they are happy to just get the cash in their hands.

Meet Sally, she paid $7,200 for a property in 2009, she has never visited the land and bought it at a weekend real estate seminar. After 7 years of $300 per year tax bills, she has tax fatigue and is dying to get rid of the land. It’s a bad memory for her, she just wants out.

Sally gets your offer, she sees you as a knight in shining armor and her way out of the property, she accepts your $2,000 offer.

Does she even think about going to your website to see what you are selling these for? Maybe, but she can’t take the tax bills any longer, she’s out, she really doesn’t care if you sell it for $7,200, she’s free and it’s your problem now.

Get it?

Don’t create more work for yourself, create a website when your ready, it doesn’t have to be the first thing you do, I have sold many properties without them being on my website and I buy 200 properties a year without a separate buyers and sellers website.

What do you think? One website or two?

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