How To Manage Multiple Successful Businesses And Do Rewarding Work

In today’s episode of The Art of Passive Income, Mark and Scott talk to Nicholas Coriano, founder of Nicholas is a definite go-getter in the business world. His ambition started as a child and at the age of 15 he was obsessed with magic and spent hours practicing which led to real gigs. He would charge $125 for a half hour magic show while his friends worked hard to make that in a week—and that was his first a-ha moment; if you practice hard at something and get good at it, it will bring you a lot of money. Nicholas’ second a-ha moment came a few years later when he bought a domain for practically nothing and sold it at a 3000% return.

Nicholas is a true genius when it comes to business. His goal is to create businesses that help the world. Nicholas offers up some great advice:

  • Build a virtual team so you can go bigger with the things you enjoy doing.
  • Stay up on motivated people in the industry. It helps break down walls when it comes to building businesses.
  • 3 things you need: belief, desire, and a plan
  • 3 things you don’t need: fear, doubt, and indecision
  • Save money! Have a reserve.

There is a lot of great advice in this episode, including different variables to think about when purchasing land. And Scott finds one of Nicholas’ businesses online that leave both him and Mark speechless! Plus, hear why Nicholas throws the conventional wisdom, focus-focus-focus, right out of the window. You don’t want to miss this!

It’s time to take massive action with whatever it is. Test an idea, if it works slowly build it up. Figure out a way to outsource and automate it and then go into the next thing.


Mark: Simply, learn more about Nick. @NicholasCoriano, and his holding company—Profit With a Purpose

Scott: Go to Nick’s website!

Nicholas: First tip, follow Mark. You will learn a ton from him. Stay close to people who think like you. Second is a time management tip—Do It, Delegate It, Defer It, or Drop It… the 4 D’s. So when life throws things at you, either Do It right there, Delegate It to someone else, Defer It in time, or Drop It altogether from your mind so you can move on.  

Isn’t it time to create passive income so you can work where you want, when you want and with whomever you want?

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