How To Find Your Niche In The E-Commerce Market

In today’s episode of The Art of Passive Income, Mark and Scott talk with Travis Marziani—

Travis, who was tired of the grind, quit his corporate job to travel the world and start an online dance clothing business, knowing that it would be a profitable niche with repeat business. He started the company with just his mom, who made the clothing, but it quickly grew to a team of 15 people!

With the success of that business under his belt, Travis went on to create Performance Nut Butter, a healthy on-the-go snack geared towards the CrossFit person.

What makes Travis so successful in the e-commerce market?

He did not take the simple road! His products are high-quality products that he has an interest in, and they aren’t easy to reproduce. And while he admits that he does not have a love for dance clothing, his mom did. With her knowledge of that niche and her sewing skills along with his knowledge of website building and marketing, they made the perfect team!

Travis’s advice for those thinking about starting an e-commerce company:

  • Go with something that you’re interested in
  • Partner with someone else who has the same passion
  • Niche down as hard as you can and target that market

Travis also tells us why he went through Kickstarter with Performance Nut Butter, the ways he promoted it, and the lessons he learned.

We also talk about his podcast, How To Do Your 20s and how it was crucial for the launch of Performance Nut Butter.

Listen in for all the details!


Mark:  Learn more about Travis at, Check out his podcast, at How To Do Your—Pursuit of the optimal life through Mind and Body Optimization. And, don’t forget to get some Performance Nut Butter.

Scott: Tired of robocalls? Check the app, Hiya and protect yourself from unwanted robo and spam calls

Travis: Take that small baby step. If you have an idea for a website, buy the domain name. Type in 99 cents GoDaddy Domains and get a domain for 99 cents. If you already have the domain name, go put up a website.

Isn’t it time to create passive income so you can work where you want, when you want and with whomever you want?

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