Get Ready To One-Up Your Productivity

Nancy Gaines join Mark & Scott in this one-up episode on Automation & Productivity! As each try to one-up each other, find out who will come out on top in an epic battle over systems and productivity tools.

Nancy is an expert in productivity and as the CEO and founder of Gain Advantages Inc. she has been advising small businesses and Fortune 100 companies how to increase revenues through proven systems for almost two decades. She’s a best-selling author and international keynote speaker. And, Nancy was also named in the Top 100 Productivity Experts to follow on Twitter and has a global podcast downloaded in over 75 countries. Her passion is compressing the time it takes for entrepreneurs to get profitable because slow and inefficient drives her nuts.

Today, Nancy shares her journey from corporate America to entrepreneurship. Find out how a street light led to her system a-ha moment.  

You put the effort in now to put in some structure and it’s going to compound over time and payback over and over.

System, as Nancy tells us, stands for—Save Yourself Some Time, Energy, Money.

But, do you know what the best system is to have?

Find out Nancy’s mic drop answer that leaves both guys going “ahhhh”.

Also, find out:

  • Nancy’s newbie advice to entrepreneurs setting up their systems
  • An entrepreneur’s magic number
  • Nancy’s priority formula

And, so much more!

Scott took it in round 1, Nancy in round 2, but who was the overall winner in this epic battle?

YOU, the listener!

Listen in now…


Mark: Check out It’s one app to rule them all. Also, learn more about Nancy at

Scott:  Check out to automate your filing system.

Nancy: Read the book, The 12 Week Year: Get More Done in 12 Weeks than Others Do in 12 Months by Brian P. Moran.

Tip two: “Stop multitasking because the more you try to do, the worse you’re going to perform on every task. And this is scientifically proven. If you work on two tasks at one time, you lose 20% in mental switching between the two tasks. So, one task til’ it’s done will gain you back hours in your week.”

Isn’t it time to create passive income so you can work where you want, when you want and with whomever you want?

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