Even People With Short Legs Can Take Big Steps—Taking Frustration Out Of Sales

In today’s episode of The Art of Passive Income—Round Table edition, Mark is joined by:

  • Scott Bossman—Even People With Short Legs Can Take Big Steps.
  • Aaron Williams—The people you talk with might be a sale, they just may not be a sale today.
  • Erik Peterson—People can detect when you’re over-anxious to get the sale and it could turn them off. Try to have the attitude that if it sells that’s awesome. If it doesn’t, I’m just going to move on to the next guy.
  • Scott Todd—You have to dig in, do more of what’s not working and push harder to get to the other side.

Today, we are going deep into SALES. Listen in as the guys share advice to help you move past the newbie stage sale suck so you can feel the confidence to tackle sales like a pro.  

You can’t let what you want dictate how you are going to sell. You have to give the market what they want, and in this business, they want it to be irresistible. -Mark

The guys share details of their own first sales and what they learned that can help you move forward more seamlessly.

They also get into:

  • Mindset
  • Handling the first rejection so it doesn’t hinder progress or ambition
  • Tire kickers

The key points for sale struggles and frustrations:

  • Look at your activities—Are you posting enough ads
  • Don’t be so emotionally connected about getting the sale that it makes it about you and not the customer
  • Price it for the market
  • Let it go

This episode is full of advice, tips, and techniques that will help you tackle sales, head-on! 


Erik: Check out Coda.io—To bring your team together in spreadsheets, docs, and apps.

Isn’t it time to create passive income so you can work where you want, when you want and with whomever you want?

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