CRM—Lessons You Need To Know From The Founder

In today’s episode of The Art of Passive Income, Mark and Scott talk to Jon Ferrera, a technology entrepreneur who pioneered the first CRM software back when computers were a commodity that weren’t in every household. 

Tired of using day planners and forecasting on spreadsheets, he quit his job at age 29 and started GoldMine Software. He was able to sell that company and retire at age 40 to stay home and raise 3 kids. 

Being home gave him the chance to see how social media was going to change the marketing world, so in the early 2000s he saw an opportunity to recreate what he started with GoldMine and take it to the next level, the cloud, and he created Nimble.

Jon delves into his journey from GoldMine to Nimble, and how he was able to sell CRM software to other’s that didn’t know they even needed it. He did so by going after the influencers. He was able to build GoldMine to a 70 million dollar a year company without ever taking a dime of capital or venture and no bank loans!  


  • How to manage relationships at scale with the tools you have today.
  • How to earn intimacy and trust with contacts.
  • And what are the 5 “E”s, 3 “P”s, and 5 “F”s?  

There is so much value in this podcast, so grab a notebook and pen and listen in now!


Mark: Learn more about how you can take your relationships to the next level and scale them at Nimble.

Scott: Check out the SmartDesk2. It’s a standing desk that has an option to add an AI Box that acts as your AI Personal Assistant.

Jon: Sitting is the new smoking, we need to move to be healthy. Start doing walk and talks with your team members, with people you are meeting for business purposes, on the phone, or just by yourself. If you walk for an hour every day, eat half of the food you have in front of you at every meal, and give the other half to somebody less fortunate than you, then you will be a happier human being. 

Isn’t it time to create passive income so you can work where you want, when you want and with whomever you want?

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