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Tech Tuesday – How to embed PowerPoint into your website

How cool would it be to create a property report or other content and embed those slides into your website?

I think it’s really cool, so today I’m going to show you how to do it both with PowerPoint Online and Google Slides.

What do you think? Want more Tech Tuesday’s leave your comments below.

Is a fax number important for Land Investors?

One of the questions I get almost weekly from other real estate investors is how many faxes do you get? Well, look how many offer responses I’ve received this week.

It comes in waves. Is a fax # important? Well it cost me like $5 per month, I’d say worth it.



The big 60!

In this video, I discuss hitting the big 60, in sales that is and I discuss how to ensure you are leveraging and maximizing your investing hours.

Working a full-time gig and investing on the side is a hard job that requires laser focus and military precise execution, for some tips on how to maximize your time and check out this post.