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Move your Feet!

“Move your feet!”, the loud masculine voice echoed from the sidelines onto the field.

“Move your feet, move your feet!”

My son had just started playing Lacrosse, and I stood on the sidelines trying to understand the sport and its lingo. I was simultaneously fascinated by how fast-moving the game was, and also trying to understand the parent-player dynamics that were taking place on the field.

It seemed that every time my son’s team got close to the opponent’s goal, they slowed their movements, trying to figure out how to get the Lacrosse ball into the net. As they slowed down and allowed the defensive team to think through their strategy, their opponents became more aggressive in defending their goal.

At about the time that they would stop running and either stand still or slow their movement, that father would yell, “move your feet!”

As the season unfolded, it became clear that his message of moving your feet was meant to inspire the players to adopt the simple strategy of not stopping or resting until the goal was achieved.

The invitation to “move your feet” is not just something to yell at Lacrosse players; I see it as a strategy for life.  You can find countless examples of people who face challenges, difficulties, obstacles or roadblocks who just stop moving. These are the people that get knocked down and don’t get back up. We all face challenges and times where it’s hard to get up and back into the game, but that’s what separates the successful from the unsuccessful.

I was recently talking to another real estate investor who was having a challenging time marketing one of his properties.  He had posted two Craigslist ads and couldn’t understand why no one was flocking to buy his property.  When I asked him about his advertising and marketing strategy, he told me that he placed the ad on Craigslist three weeks ago and no one had responded. I asked him if he had reposted the ad and his answer was no. I asked him if he placed it on other listing channels, and again, the answer was no. He was relying on one channel and could not understand why it was not yielding results.

I wanted to yell, “move your feet, move your feet!”, but I resisted and quietly pointed out ways in which he could leverage other sales channels to market his property.

If you are struggling with something, what are you doing about it?  If you are sitting idle waiting for the issue to solve itself, it won’t.  Successful investors keep their feet moving and are always looking for ways to solve their own problems.

What problem are you dealing with today?  Is it deal flow? Marketing? Perhaps an issue with a contractor?  Put your brain to work and find a solution to the problem. Even if you can’t solve it right now, taking action and keeping your feet moving works wonders in helping you to score when you need it most.