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The Truth about Financial Freedom

The truth about achieving financial freedom and living on your passive income

It's not easy to achieve financial freedom and live on your passive income, but the journey is well worth the fight. In this video, we discuss the real reason it's so hard and the best advice on how to fight the system that is holding you back.

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The hidden secret to success in nature

The hidden secret to success in nature

When times are hard, do you take it personally? Ever think about quiting or just think about taking a break?

Watch this video to discover the hidden secret to success in nature!

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Want Results? Take the emotion out!

Want Results? Take the emotion out!

Have you ever taken a test without knowing for sure if you knew the material or not?

If so, you probably just went through the process, numb to what the results would be and you probably ended up doing well or at least better than you thought you would.

I have spent this weekend working with real estate investors who are trying to build their land investing businesses, and we started on Friday, and on the second day, 2 of the 6 students had made sales!

Why were these investors able to get sales two days in and others take what seems like forever?

I think the reason was that they didn't overthink the process.

They didn't overthink the words to use on the ads; they had nothing to lose, but they had everything to gain, in a sense, they took emotion out of the equation and just executed.

In this video, I share with you my thoughts on why they were successful and how you can implement what they did so that you can enjoy the success also.

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Your beliefs are a part of the formula

Your beliefs are part of the formula

Have you ever wondered why one person can succeed while you don't have the same results despite your actions?

Often times we chalk it up to "luck" or our own "bad luck", but the reality is that often times it starts with our beliefs.

There is a formula to accomplishing what you want and your beliefs or uncertainties are a vital part of the formula.  In today's video, we talk about this formula and how it can impact your results.

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You can go farther!

You can go farther - I can prove it!

Henry Ford said it, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.” and in today video I'm going to show you an excuse that will prove to you that 80% of success is mindset.

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Leave a comment - Did you do the exercise I discussed and were you able to go further in this exercise?

Why do these roadblock exist?

Why do these roadblock exist?

Have you ever tried to achieve a goal and it seemed like there were road blocks at every turn?

You have developed the skills and tools that you need in order to achieve all of the obstacles that have jumped in your way up till now, but these seems harder!

The reality is that all of the new problems your facing simply means you have haven't yet worked out the method for overcoming the challenge and that's when you need to dig deeper to gain the skills you need to take your game to the next level. 

In this week's video, we will talk about how you can approach dealing with the new challenges you encounter on the way to your next goal.


Be unstoppable, lessons from Sisyphus

Be unstoppable, lessons from Sisyphus

Sisyphus was a Greek King and not a nice one.  He was punished for his cruel actions and forced to push a heavy bolder up a mountain, however as much as he tried whenever he reached near the top of the mountain, the boulder would begin to slip back down and he would have to push even harder to achieve his goal.

In this video, I talk about how you can be unstoppable, like Sisyphus, just not cruel.


Are you trying to do TOO Much?

Are you trying to do TOO Much?

It's so easy to keep taking on projects to the point where you feel completely overwhelmed and then your anxiety builds because of how much you have to still accomplish. In this week's video, I talk about a simple process that you can implement and get control over all of these projects.

What do you think?

Please scroll down below and leave a comment, how do you work to limit your projects and do you have a system?


Are you feeling overwhelmed? Start with a different question

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Start with a different question

It happens to all of us, there are things we want and need to accomplish and it seems like we can never get those things off our plates.  It could be as simple as just changing the question you are asking yourself.  Check out this video and let me know what you think.

Leave your comments and thoughts below!

Everything You Need To Know About Cash Flowing Gold And Silver

We talk with Minesh Bhindi, CEO of Gold And Silver For Life. Minesh is a wealth manager who has been helping people generate a monthly cash flow income through gold and silver since 2010 and has clients all over the world.

Minesh starts us off with a bit of his background—starting at age 16 he was working with his father in real estate. From there he got into trading and also taught it to others until the market crash of 2008.

Listen in as Minesh shares how the crash led him to gold and silver. He also talks about the misinformation and negativity surrounding exchange traded funds (ETFs).

We also delve into:

  • The wealth transfer
  • Why gold and silver have to be a part of a balanced portfolio
  • The three parts of a balanced portfolio
  • The 38-year money cycle
  • Physical assets versus investing through the exchange
  • The numbers

And, so much more!

The truth is you can use the same tools that you use to generate cash flow in the stock market and real estate in gold and silver and most people don’t know about that because of the misinformation that’s been out there.

If you’ve ever thought about investing in gold and silver, this is an episode you don’t want to miss!


Mark:  Learn more about Minesh and his webinar at

Scott: Check out It cost $5 a month and it helps you collect email addresses within your content by creating call-to-action buttons.

Minesh: Come up with your net worth and then figure out how much money you’ve got is each bucket—real estate, gold and silver, in cash, in the stock market. 

That will give you a great idea of how to balance. Based on my research, 40% in the US stock market , 40% in prime real estate, and 20% in gold and silver has generated great returns since 1972. You need a little bit of everything, but too much can become inefficient.

Isn’t it time to create passive income so you can work where you want, when you want and with whomever you want?

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