Ask Me Anything

Ok, yes, you can ask me anything, but I may not answer if it’s crazy!

Here’s the deal.

I want to help, I really do! I do Facebook Live Video’s, where I talk about Land Investing, Motivation, Craigslist Marketing, Posting Domination, Accounting and Finance, and general investing mindset, but, I can’t answer every question via email, but I will make you this deal, ask your question and I will attempt to answer them every week on my FaceBook Live.

Ask your question below and then let’s connect on Facebook!

Ideal topics to ask about, Real Estate Investing, Land Investing, Craigslist Marketing, Business Automation, Outsourcing, Accounting, Finance, Selling Notes, Buying Notes, Tax Lien Investing, Tax Deed Investing, Marketing, Sales, Personal Finance, ask away if I don’t know I will tell you.

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