Accounting for Land Investors 2020

Are ready to take control over your land investing accounting?

In this 5-session Master Class training program, you will learn how we have accounted for over 2,000 land investments, watch this video discover more about this training class.


The Live class is starting soon!

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  • The exact accounting process we use for every aspect of the business.
  • How we setup loan via the installment sale method (Valuable for tax purposes).
  •  How we accrual or property taxes (and what we do with the money until the tax man sends the tax bills).
  • How we manage our capital to ensure we have money to pay ourselves first AND still do deals.
  • The exact Journal Entries we make every month to get a clean Profit and Loss Statement and Balance Sheet
  • The one thing we did that put $14,000 tax free into my pocket, saving me $6,500 in taxes.
  • and this is just the start

    Why do you need this class?

    Accounting is one of those things we don't think about until you get to the end of the year, then you take your books to your accountant or CPA and hope they know what they are doing.

    The land investing business if different and you need to have a solid foundation of the fundamentals, so you can explain to your CPA, how to property handle your land investing business. 

    This is the class that you need in order to know what your accountant is thinking or not thinking about.

    Let’s face it, Accountants and CPA’s can’t and don’t know everything and this class will give you the knowledge to speak language they can understand.

    Learning these strategies will put you way ahead of the curve in building a solid foundation for your land investing business.

    Why not invest 5 hours of quality time in yourself with me to learn strategies and the language you need to ensure your Accountant or CPA doesn’t lead you astray!

    ONE PAYMENT OF JUST $497 297 (using the promo code 8E6IOFQ1WE) / PLUS, YOU GET BONUSES!

    did you say 5 sessions?

    Yes, there will be 5 live sessions, and don't worry, even if you can't attend live, they will be recorded, here is a sample of the content covered:

    • Session 1 - December 7, 2019 - 10:00 am Eastern
      • Setting up your online accounting system (I use
      • Setting up your Chart of Accounts
      • Setting up Tracking Categories
      • Make a land purchase
    • Session 2 - December 14, 2019 - 10:00 am Eastern
      • Making Sales - The accounting for cash, terms and Land Arbitrage Sales
    • Session 3- December 21, 2019 - 10:00 am Eastern
      • Understanding the Installment Sale Method - your accountant probably has forgotten this and will need to to teach them!
      • Taking properties back
    • Session 4 - December 28, 2019 - 10:00 am Eastern
      • Profit First Model
      • Tax Planning and Issues
    • Session 5 - January 2 - 8:00 pm Eastern
      • Your Q&A

    OKAY… SO WHAT are the BONUSES?!

    If you register for the “Accounting for Land Investing Master Class” right now, you also receive:

    • The transcripts once they’ve been created.
    • The Excel File that my Accounting Team uses to create the Journal Entries for installment sales, cash sales, and Land Contract Terminations.
    • Assess to the Accounting for Land Investors Message Board to ask questions as needed.
    • Live Q&A calls to keep you going throughout the year!

    But you only get these goodies if you register for the event and pay in full today…

    We’ll keep this page open for only a short time. This is one of those decisions that you’ll kick yourself later for if you don’t make a move NOW.

    It’s NOW O’CLOCK… which means act now or miss out until next year – I’m not sure how long this offer will last.

    Pay just $497 now and get it all…

    check out what others have said!

    This was an awesome class and accounting is one of those "necessary evils" (not meant in a negative way) that is required to run your business effectively and efficiently. Scott is an excellent instructor/coach and has a very good way to simplify, as best can be done, the complexities in accounting. My Thanks to Scott, and for anyone considering taking this course....JUST DO IT!

    Jerry Jones

    This class was extremely helpful! I am being really picky at this point but want to try to give something constructive... As difficult as it may be I think getting even more organized and covering ahead of time more of the common questions that came up will make this even better. But then again this is likely to be ever changing. Perhaps even more "Homework" type activities that create different example situations would be most helpful. You have been a great sherpa! I hope that I can put everything you have taught me to good use and create a business that can help me fulfill my dreams. I think I am about there but, I do have a bit of debt to fight my way out of. Thank you so much for everything and I look forward to meeting you one day at bootcamp.

    Justin German

    Great course - lots of valuable info. Only 1 complaint - I wish this course was released in January-February instead of mid-March. I am scrambling to get this all done before Tax Day.


    Very helpful course and saves me quite a bit of time in research and having to monkey around in xero to find things. One question. Is there an accounting or legal reason why you pay the property taxes instead of forwarding the invoices to the terms buyer and having them pay the taxes directly to the county? Or is it that you want to make sure the taxes get paid and don't want to rely on the terms buyer to do it? Also one suggestion. It would be interesting and helpful to see what automation/zaps you have set up with xero, as I'm always looking for more ideas. Thanks.

    gary wilson

    enjoyed the course. Would have liked more time in xero to get more comfortable with you available for guidance in real time.

    joseph chiarello

    This is information I would not have gotten elsewhere unless I wanted to take a full accounting class which would have had too much irrelevant information. Scott lays out the essential steps needed to document cash and terms sales and keep the books balanced. It's easy to see that a lot of time and effort went into preparing this information for us. It is easily worth the price of admission. Now I need to go rent my house from myself for a business retreat. Thanks, Scott!

    Dennis mason

    Thank you, Scott. This class was very helpful and well worth the investment. I had previously hired a bookkeeper to take care of this and I didn't really understand most of it, and now I think I at least understand the basics and can process transactions on my own. In the spirit of Kaizen, here's a couple of things that you might consider for the future: 1) I am an engineer by training and good with numbers, but I have no prior experience with accounting in any business, let alone land. The first couple of sessions were a bit overwhelming because I lacked basic accounting knowledge. It might be helpful to add one more session up front, or maybe provide a pre-recorded high-level "accounting 101", or identify some other generic/non-land pre-requisite that students can review before the first session so we can come to the first class and at least know what a balance sheet is, and basic concepts like assets, liabilities, etc. 2) The spreadsheet you provide is helpful when entering manual journals, but it could be slightly modified to include a more complete step-by-step instruction for each transaction type. I rewatched the recorded sessions to come up with my own version at the following link. Feel free to copy and modify for your own use.

    Jim Mellentine

    Excellent! Presents a tough, complex topic in a very straightforward, step-by-step manner. The 5 weekly sessions allowed time between sessions to digest and review material. I re-watched each episode at least twice and picked up something more with each viewing. Thanks!

    Sonny holbrook

    Very good course. Lots of information!

    Duncan mccleskey

    This class was awesome. There's a ton of material and information that will make things so much easier for tax season and getting straight with the IRS. My taxes are a mess because I never followed a system like Scott teaches

    Paul do campo

    I thought the class was very beneficial and I am very glad that I took it. I am not sure how long or painful it might be if we didn't take this class but I imagine it would be significant? I really appreciated that it was broke out into five separate sessions. I can see some real value there just because it is just so much information and it would be too much all at once. I appreciate the value of the facebook group as well for questions as we move forward, so overall I just think it is an incredibly valuable class and very necessary quite frankly if you want to have things in order from the start. I really liked the flow and content of the class so thank you very much. Great job, thanks so much for putting it together!

    Adrian Petrillo

    The class provided critical information for getting the most out of your business. One takeaway - If you don't set up accounting right in the beginning, you will end up with a large tax bill at the end of the year. Then you will go back and rework all your accounting to show that you didn't really receive all that money yet (especially with terms sales). It will be a lot more work and very confusing to figure out... or you can just take the class and do it right the first time. Invaluable information if you intend to continue in this business. Thanks Scott for this and all the other instructions you provided!!!

    Stephanie Naquin

    This was my first accounting class... EVER. Needless to say there was a lot of new information for me. How would you make a Saturday class better on such a brain draining topic? In addition to going step by step on live video with each transaction, I would create screen shots of Xero and include that on the powerpoint. I would use as my model the Visual Teaching computer books like : That way when the training is done accounting morons like myself could refer to this ppt. Additionally, After converting to Video I would put in a timeline of topics with approximate minute location as a episode notes file. Example Terms transaction 1:30 Cash Transaction 8:30 Setting up tracking code 12:00 Thank you so much for this class. Now it's time for me to continue with the implementation! -MIke

    Mike Robinson

    This was incredibly valuable information. If a land investor had choose only one supplemental class to take, this would be the mandatory one. One suggestion for improvement: have a syllabus or outline of material covered in each session so we know what's coming up. It would also help for going back and using the recorded sessions. Thanks again

    Patrice Anderson

    There is an incredible amount of information in this course. I hesitated a year in taking this class as I didn't have the money in the business starting up. That was a big mistake. I am now going through a painful migration between accounting systems to put in place the installment method. Lesson learned upfront investment in education would have saved a lot of effort now. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who does not have accounting figured out. This course spells it out really well.

    James Wollmer