Hi, I’m Scott Todd, I am a Fortune 300 Executive, turned Real Estate Investor and more specifically Land Investor, in a little under 17 months!  Here’s a short read of my adventure.

My real estate wannabe Days!

Watching TV around 1996, you couldn’t help but come across an infomercial with Carlton Sheet’s sitting by his pool interviewing students of his course.  The seed was planted, but I didn’t have any money and I didn’t believe that you could buy real estate without money.

In 1999, I came across an awesome book by Lonnie Scruggs about Mobile Home investing.  With little money you could buy mobile homes and create monthly income – I was sold!

I raced out to the nearest mobile park and started looking for a wobbly box to buy!

After a few years of chasing owners for my money (and a few scary encounters), I lost my love of the wobbly boxes and set my eyes on other targets, business management.

Fortune 300

I began working for a fortune 300 company and rose through the ranks at a fast pace.

I worked in 3 domains Operations, Corporate Finance and IT.  I became known for my Results-Oriented Execution – I have the ability to drive execution and move big initiatives forward despite obstacles and challenges. I build teams that deliver and bring a pragmatic approach to solving real business challenges and quickly drive results that improve operational deficiencies.

My career was stellar, I won a Global Leadership Award and a once in a lifetime trip to Italy, was sent to the Leadership Academy at the Wharton School of Business, became a Six Sigma Green Belt and above all, I worked with a dedicated group of professionals!

COPY-HERTZ_GLAT-2013_0919 In Italy –

Peer-to-Peer Lending

In 2010, I started investing in Peer-to-Peer Lending.  The promise of become the bank (Thanks Rich Dad, Poor Dad) was stuck in my head and I started investing in Peer-to-Peer Notes.  I was so impressed with this as an investment, I actually wrote a book on the topic: How to Profit from Peer-to-Peer Lending – Earn 9% to 33% with Small Loans (Please check it out on amazon).

Sadly, I wanted more return and the Real Estate bug was still in me!  That’s when I turned to Tax Lien Investing!

Tax Lien Investing

In 2012, I wanted more return and I wanted it from Real Estate!  So I started buying Tax Lien Certificates over the counter in Florida.  These pay 18% and the yield can be as much as 60%, thanks to the penalty rate!  But, everywhere I turned there was land.  Tax Lien Certificates on land, just didn’t sell.  I could buy these cheap and it seemed that no one ever wanted them.

Neither did I.

Land – Who the hell wants to buy land?!?  Not me.

You see in 1995, I read More, Wealth without Risk by Charles Givens.  In the book he clearly states, stay away from land and I did!

But, finding deals on tax lien certificates was getting harder and harder, they were getting purchased and all I could find was land – Yuck!

But Something Was Happening

In September 2014, my family and I were in the middle of moving from Orlando to Ft. Myers.  This was because the company headquarters was relocated and right in the middle of the move, the CEO stepped down (Thanks to the shareholders and Jim Cramer).

As the interim CEO was named, I realized that I was exposed.

My life, my financial nest egg, my retirement, my income, everything that provided food for my family was at risk if this dream came to end.

–To be continued!