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1/21/2016 – The One Number I Watch – Part 2

Here is the continuation of last nights Periscope. In this video I show you how to calculate you annual yield and the impact that selling a partial of the note you created has on your annual return. Here is a link to the financial calculator website: https://epxx.co/ctb/hp12c.html

1/18/2015 – Are you investing in yourself?

In this video, I discuss ways that you can invest in yourself. When you think about education, most people think about school… boring old school. However, education is about far more than just attending classes. Education is the process of learning new things so you can build a solid foundation for learning new subjects. |It […]

My top 5 influencers – who gets your ear matters!

The quickest way to change your perspective  is to change the people you tune into or grant access to your ears.  I call it giving someone “ear time”. If negative people have your ear, you will take on a more negative attitude; if you surround yourself with positive, “can do” voices, you will be surprised […]