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Are you Suffering from Head Trash?

Head Trash is the crap that floats around in your head, telling you that you can’t do something.  It’s the negative thoughts that seep into your brain stopping you dead in your tracks.  In this video I tell you exactly how to stop those thoughts and how to put an end to the head trash. […]

Killing Time in the Phoenix AP after Landgeek Bootcamp

I was killing time in the Phoenix AP after The Land Geek Bootcamp.  I talked about Got-to-own-land-itis, yep, you know that feeling.  Never in your life have you wanted to own land, but now you have got to own it. If you have a case of this syndrome, head over to http://www.landmodo.com/wholesale and pick up […]

How to avoid shiny object syndrome!

Are you struggling to stay focused? Has something entered your world and you find that your now spending time pursuing that opportunity departing the road you were on? Great – You have Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS)! My last bout with SOS Land Investing has been huge for me.  In the last 17 months, I have […]

The big 60!

In this video, I discuss hitting the big 60, in sales that is and I discuss how to ensure you are leveraging and maximizing your investing hours. Working a full-time gig and investing on the side is a hard job that requires laser focus and military precise execution, for some tips on how to maximize […]

7 ways you can maximize your investing time

Being a Part-Time Real Estate Investor is a lot of work. It takes a lot of dedication and motivation to get it all done. I’m frequently asked, “How do you find time to balance everything, your full-time job, family, coaching, recreational activities and still have time left over for your land investing activities?” The answer […]

What’s on your list?

In 1966 a newly married, unemployed assistant football coach was struggling to make ends meet. He did not know what the future held for him and he was struggling to figure out how to feed his family. He sat down and created a list of 107 things that he would like to accomplish in his life. […]

The Scammer and Mickey Mouse College

Do you know Cindy Smith? Cindy Smith who goes by the email address: smithcindy2644@gmail.com? If you have Cindy on your buyers list, she will probably be sending you a fake check for some unknown property and then asking you for a refund.  As you probably know, Cindy is a scammer. In this video I talk […]